Adobe or Affinity?

I’ve been a user of Adobe products, especially InDesign, since CS2. Over the years the software has grown immensely and is regarded as the ‘grand-daddy’ of desk top publishing.

Then, a few years back, Adobe moved to their subscription (Adobe CC) model which means monthly payments and a 12 month local-in! Quite the expense.

And then along came Affinity with initially Designer, then Photo and now Publisher. And they’re great, really great. Perhaps the best of all is that you pay once, and get regular updates. Plus, the 1-time cost is exceptionally reasonable. Surely it’s time to get off the Adobe cash-wagon and set up camp firmly in the Affinity arena?

But not so fast.

You see, an Adobe CC subscription gives you a lot – really, a heckuvalot! Here’s just a few…

  • Access to all Adobe software for the desktop
  • The software receives regular updates
  • There’s a whole host of cloud based solutions (Spark, Rush, et al)
  • Cloud Libraries are exceptional
  • Stock images at a reduced price

So whilst the Affinity suite is remarkable in its execution, not to mention it’s availability in iPad in full, Adobe keeps itself ahead.

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